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Player Info:

These are the first character sheets I found on google docs. Go ahead and make a copy of them and share them with me. This way there’s only ever one copy, and we can both see it up to date.

Link to google docs char sheets

House Rules For Char Creation:

  • Players will start at level 2, level 1 seems too restrictive for making content. Take a max HD roll for your first level, and a random die roll for the rest of your levels.
  • We will use the ‘point buy’ ability score method, standard fantasy 15. Calculator
  • Players may select from the core races and the core classes or base classes
  • Players will get the Perception skill for free every level, since you’re best off always taking it anyway
  • Starting wealth will be your level 1 rolled wealth + 1k gp
  • Each character must have 2 minor back-story elements, something awesome about the char, and something funny. The awesome element will convey a bonus, on par with a +1 stat increase. The funny element will grant bonus exp when used in roleplay.

Home Page

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