Shehaan (Demigoddess)

“Goddess of the Mists, the Mist Goddess”
Symbol: A moon (crescent or full) behind a cloud of mist
Alignment: N
Portfolio: Mist, isolation, concealment
Domains: Luck, Trickery,Water
Favored Weapon: Quarterstaff
The Faithful Worshiper: Hilarrin

Shehaan (shay-HON) is a reclusive goddess, almost forgotten by non-elves and worshiped only by hermit elves and a few secluded elven communities. Although this should mean her power is dwindling, she draws strength from her great solitude and uses it to protect her faithful. She avoids direct confrontation, preferring to redirect an opponent’s attention, confuse the minds of her enemies, and retreat when victory is not certain. She is shown as an elven woman with wet hair and pale skin, dressed in a gossamer robe or a concealing elven cloak. Shehaan is a nature deity and can be worshiped by druids and rangers.

Shehaan is a neutral deity, but like the moon she changes. On nights when the moon is new she becomes rather wild, willing to take risks and even reveal her presence when she normally would remain hidden. This change does not affect the abilities of her worshipers, although they, too, seem more willing to take risks on these days.

Shehaan’s clerics pray for their spells at sundown or moonrise, whichever comes later in the day. Solar eclipses are holy days to the faithful, when her followers given up to the goddess unusual plants and fruits as sacrifices. They go into hiding whenever a lunar eclipse occurs; during these times, which they call the “Night of Madness,” they lose all spellcasting ability, as their goddess goes truly mad and forgets her worshipers entirely. Shehaan always regrets these lapses and apologetically pays closer attention to her followers in the weeks following such an event.

Where she is worshiped, the common folk pray to her to keep them hidden from the eyes of their enemies and to bring needed rain.


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