Thoin (Lesser God)

“The Keeper, the Silent Pick”
Symbol: A gem within a mountain
Alignment: N
Portfolio: Mines, secrets under the earth
Domains: Earth,War
Favored Weapon: Pick
The Faithful Worshiper: Regrin

Thoin (THOH-in) the Keeper is a silent deity of the rewards waiting underground for hard-working dwarves. Not content to dig and sift for treasures, Thoin feels that the only way for dwarves to retain their birthright is to eliminate all hostile underground races so their lesser hands will not profane the treasures with unskilled workmanship. Some extreme cults take his teachings to mean that even gnomes, humans, and other dwarven allies that mine the earth should be eliminated as well, but this is not part of his official doctrine; Thoin’s concerns are the barbaric humanoids and goblinoids, as well as metal- and gem-eating monsters such as rust monsters, xorn, and metal-addicted delvers.

Thoin is shown as a long-bearded dwarf made of stone, bearing a great pick or pickaxe, eyes and mouth glowing like sparkling gems or fresh lava. He never speaks, but seems amenable to the company of other dwarven and earth deities who respect his dogma. His faithful take particular vengeance against thieves, burning them to death with spellheated molten rock.

Followers of Thoin celebrate upon finding a vein of new ore, especially if that ore is mithral or adamantine. They hold weeklong wakes whenever a king or high priest dies and, unlike most dwarves, his followers never bury their dead with treasures—they see that as a waste of good metal and an affront to the dwarf, as it presumes the deceased incapable of looking for new treasures in the afterlife. Thoin’s churches display their wealth openly as a display of the god’s power and generosity. A temple of Thoin doubles as an armory and fortress, as followers use it as a launching point for attacks on humanoid miners and for defense against raiders. Common dwarves pray to Thoin after hard work to find rewards and before battles waged to gain or protect valuable objects.


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