Valkon (Lesser God)

“The Sky Lord”
Symbol: Cloud with a lightning bolt
Alignment: LN
Portfolio: Air, wind, clouds, ordered nature of the heavens
Domains: Air, Animal*, Law,War
Favored Weapon: Longbow
The Faithful Worshiper: Andu

  • Spells from the Animal domain that would affect animals do so when cast by clerics of Valkon only if the animal is a bird, bat, or other winged type.

Valkon (VAL-kahn) is the master of the air and heavens, from the stars to coastal breezes and everything in between. An active and aggressive deity, he loathes chaos, unpredictability, and ancient magical weapons of war that promote those things. This puts him at odds with most other weather deities, who tend to be more carefree and capricious. His celestial messengers are birds, and his temples often use birds to carry messages or spy on their enemies. Valkon is a nature deity and may be worshiped by druids and rangers. He enjoys archery and believes it to be a superior form of war-craft to melee fighting. In artwork he is depicted as a tall winged man, lithe but strong, bearing a longbow and having close-cropped fair hair.

Valkon’s clerics, druids, and rangers pray for spells at the change of the wind in the morning or the evening (choosing one and holding to that choice ever after). They celebrate the equinoxes and solstices as holy days, as well as the first rainfall in spring and the first snowfall in autumn or winter. Common folk pray to him to bring needed rains or fend off approaching storms, which are always considered to be the work of rival weather gods.


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