Vogg (Demigod)

Fire Domain

“The Firelord”
Symbol: An eye surrounded by flame
Alignment: CE
Portfolio: Wildfire, destruction, randomness
Domains: Chaos, Destruction, Evil, Fire
Favored Weapon: Mace
The Faithful Worshiper: Zoff

Vogg (VOG) is the embodiment of random destruction without intellect to direct it. Although he is as intelligent as his brother Kain, he only uses his mind to think up ways to break things faster, louder, and hotter. He is more than content to run about covered in flames of his own creation, setting afire anything he touches or even gazes at for too long.

He is shown as a humanoid (the type varies by artist and cult) with his skin blackened by great heat, hair of flame, and carrying a mace made of solid fire. Vogg doesn’t really hate anything as much as he is curious about how well and how quickly he can destroy it. He becomes angry when someone places in his way obstacles that he cannot harm, and he becomes livid when someone quenches a fire he sets or dares to try calming him. Vogg would be a more powerful deity if he didn’t have the habit of answering some invocations with blasts of violent fire, which tends to reduce his number of worshipers. He is a friend to fire elementals and tolerates efreet and other fiery creatures.

Vogg’s clerics pray for their spells at noon, the apex of the burning sun. They care little for scheduled holidays, but revel in the presence of any great fire, whether naturally occurring or deliberately set. They’re not above setting a fire for the excuse to celebrate. Though most of his followers are too simpleminded to appreciate the destruction of particularly valuable things (such as sacred elven groves, historic buildings, and so on), they do like watching temples to protective or water deities burn to ash. On the hottest day of the year, members of the church summon as many fire elementals as possible and send them running about, burning whatever they see. In idle times, cult cells are likely to self-destruct, as rival clerics set each other on fire as fanatical offerings to their obsessive deity.


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